Engine Maintenance

The engine is one of its most complex parts of your truck. It can also be the most expensive to repair if something goes wrong. Preventative maintenance is the first step to maintain a resilient engine. Following a set maintenance schedule goes a long way towards keeping the engine running well for a long time.

At City Engine Rebuilder, we follow typical maintenance tasks for truck diesel engines, including:

Engine Repair

City Engine Rebuilder provides all sorts of repair services for your commercial truck engine. A diesel engine consists of a complex arrangement of electrical systems, complicated mechanical systems, belts, chains and seals, and they all operate under high temperatures to keep you going down the road.

Our technicians service all makes and models of diesel truck engines, no matter how heavy and complex they are. We assist with:

Engine Inspection

At City Engine Rebuilder, we follow an analytical approach to commercial truck engine inspection service. We provide a guarantee on all of our inspection services and are proud of our reputation for accuracy and excellence. We specialize in:

The best way to minimize more serious breakdowns and the higher costs associated with diesel truck repair is by doing a routine inspection. Our technicians have years of experience performing everything from oil changes to a complete engine overhaul.

Engine Diagnostics

When your engine light is on and won’t turn off despite trying, don’t delay. Bring your truck to our licensed technicians at City Engine Rebuilder and we’ll diagnose and solve even the most elusive technical issues. There are a number of reasons why experts recommend running engine diagnostics on a regular basis, especially for heavy duty trucks. Here are a few of the benefits of engine diagnostics:

We believe in the importance of a healthy engine and know what role it plays in keeping your vehicle moving. Thus, we encourage our clients to have their vehicle engines scanned at each service interval.

Engine Rebuilding

Rebuilding a truck engine is sometimes the most cost effective solution. City Engine Rebuilder is your number one source for mechanical repairs and specializes in commercial truck engine rebuilding. We have been in the trucking industry for more than two decades and have the expertise and connections to get the job done fast. We help with:

Not only this, we work with the best technicians and spare part dealers to bring you a great experience every time. We can handle any job, from brake service and inspection to engine rebuilds.

Engine Overhaul

Want to get another million kilometers out of your commercial truck engine? Consider an engine overhaul from the experts at City Engine Rebuilders. Our team can perform a comprehensive diesel engine overhaul that will have your truck running like new. We have the facilities, equipment and expertise to overhaul engines in all makes and models of commercial trucks.

Our commercial overhaul is one of the most cost efficient ways to get your engine back to running at full capacity and ensures better performance than what you’ll get with a brand new engine.

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